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Tournament Date and Location

The 2007 Ohio National RBI Tournament is a 16 player, double-elimination tournament to be held on the weekend of June 9th and 10th, 2007.  Tournament location is Columbus, OH.

It is recommended that tourney players stay at tourney hotel/location.  For more details, email the Tournament Commissioner.

Tourney/Hotel location:

Comfort Suites Airport
4270 Sawyer Rd
Columbus, OH 43219

Telephone: (614) 237-5847
Fax: (614) 231-5926

Please note that while the above info is useful for making reservations, the hotel itself is not affiliated with the tourney so questions should not be directed to them!

All transportation to/from Hotel and airport will be provided

This location is also the default site of the tourney

Player Entry Fee

Each of the 16 participants will be required to submit their entry fee before the tournament begins. No participant roster spot will be considered reserved or final until entry fee is paid in full by that individual participant.

Please contact the tourney commish at rbitourney@gmail.com to arrange for entry fee payment. Please do not wait until the final weeks/months, as participant reservations will be strictly on a first-paid-first-served basis. Payments accepted as follows: paypal, personal check, money order, cash.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment because it provides you, the buyer, with a little peace of mind--as paypal does insure each transaction. If you cannot pay via paypal, no worries; contact me and I will set up an ebay auction for your spot--thus giving you ebay's insurance protection. *Please note that the above is to provide peace of mind for each registered player and is NOT intended to give the impression that the tournament is likely/possible to not take place. It will...

Each individual participant entry fee shall be $100

For final winning payouts, see below.

Prize Money

Prize money will be distributed in the following manner:

1st Place 50% of pot
2nd Place 25% of pot
3rd place 15% of pot
4th Place 10% of pot


A lottery will be held before tournament play begins in order to determine bracket assignments for each participant.