Tourney Date and Location 
   Player Entry Fee 
   Prize Money 
   Playing Rules 
   2005 Tourney Results 
   2007 Tourney Results 

* Each player will play ALL OTHER PLAYERS IN TOURNEY 1x on Saturday!

* Each player will have a defined schedule/list of opponents to be played that day ("Team A to play the following teams on Saturday, no particular time or order...")

* Top 4 records advance to a single elimination tourney on Sunday, seeded 1-4:

     Seed 1 vs. Seed 4 in a 5 game series (team selection = rules from 2005
     OH tourney)
     Seed 2 vs. Seed 3 in a 5 game series (team selection = rules from 2005
     OH tourney)

and then

     Winner (seed 1 vs 4) vs Winner (seed 2 vs 3) in a 7 game series (team
     selection = rules from 2005 OH tourney) for the championship

     In all cases for Sunday's games, the higher seed shall be awarded the
     "home team" in regard to team selections.

In the event two or more teams are tied for the right to play Sunday,
then a 1 game playoff shall be played between the teams:

Teams A and B tied: A vs B
Teams A, B, and C tied: A vs B; A vs C; B vs C with best record(s)
winning.  If two teams end up tied still, a 1 game playoff shall be
Teams A, B, C, D tied: A vs B; C vs D; winner (A vs B) vs winner (C vs D)

It should be noted that for purposes of seeding only, head-to-head
record shall be used to break the tie (for example, if both teams A
and B are tied for the best record of the day but team A beat team B 1
time vs 0 losses, then team A shall be declared Seed 1).

Team Selections for Saturday Games only:

For each game, there will be a coin flip to determine who is Player A
and who is Player B.  Then one of the ten RBI teams will be randomly
drawn.  Once that RBI team is identified, that
RBI team will be in the match up.  Player A will pick what team that
RBI team will play against.  Player B will then decide which of the
two chosen RBI teams he wishes to use.  Player A will use the other
chosen RBI team.  Player A will be the home team for that game.  This
process with occur before each RBI game played on Saturday only. 

Team selection for Sunday Games only:

The following chart shall be used to determine team selections per series:


Games Home team chooses first

If Necessary




5 (rd 1 Sun games)

1st & 2nd


7 (Champ Match Up)

1st & 2nd

5th & 7th

The home and away field advantages will be determined by a coin toss at the start of each series. The winner of the coin toss has the right to keep or defer the decision to select home/away for the series. The winner of the coin toss also earns the right to select to be seated on the left or right side of the television for the duration of the series.

For each series, eight teams will be considered eligible for game play, leaving two teams as ineligible. The two participants can choose to negotiate which two teams will be considered ineligible for their series. If a quick decision cannot be reached, each participant will select one team to be considered ineligible for the entirety of the series.

Order of events are to be as follows:

1) Coin is flipped.

2) Participants either a) successfully negotiate the two ineligible teams or b) each participant selects one team to be ineligible (with step 1 coin flip loser to be required to pick his ineligible team first).

3) Winner of coin toss in step 1 determines home/away status for duration of series (see Team Selection chart above).

The following rules shall apply to team selections for all series (3,5,7):

  • No team shall be used more than once by the same player in any given series.
  • No team shall be reused until all eligible teams have been used.
  • Once all eligible teams have been used, each player can only choose to play with a team that he has not already used (therefore, he must choose a team from the list of teams that his opponent has already used).


Playing Rules

This tournament is "anything goes" style, including but not limited to the following:

  • Teams can use 1-4 pitchers per game; amount of pitchers used in any given game will not affect amount of pitchers available for next game(s)
  • No infield fly rule, as this is too subjective. Players can agree to have rule "in effect" during their game(s) if agreed upon by both players for each game or for entire series; however, please note that the tournament cannot uphold any agreements between two players, as the tournament does not recognize an infield fly rule due to its inherent subjectivity. As such, no penalty will be assessed by tournament for breech of any such agreement among two competing players
  • No limitation on batting/pitching/fielding styles
  • In the event a player pinch hits for his pitcher and the NES does not require the pitcher to come out of the game in the following half inning, the player must remove said pitcher for a new pitcher, as this is an easily correctable glitch within the NES
  • No player can pinch hit for a pitcher unless there is at least one pitcher in said player's bullpen-regardless if NES allows for such, as this is also an easily correctable glitch.
  • If the "mini pitcher" glitch appears, pitcher is required to press "b" button to get rid of glitch. In the event that there are no base runners (and thus, removal of glitch by pressing "b" will not work), pitcher is required to throw an "a" ball and batter is required to foul it off, removing glitch. If there are two strikes when glitch occurs, then game resumes after foul ball. If there is zero or one strike when game resumes, then pitcher is required to throw the next pitch for a ball. If at anytime the rules in place for the "mini Pitcher" glitch forces the pitcher to walk the batter, the rules will be void (with the exception of the required foul ball to eliminate glitch)

Additional rules/regulations:

  • Each person will be granted one 45 second time out per game.
  • Glitches unidentified in the rules are at the discretion of the supervisor. Such Glitches must be played through unless ruled unplayable by the supervisor. If ruled unplayable, the supervisor has the authority to call the game (if after the 5th inning) as it stood when the glitch occurred or to replay the game (if before the 6th inning). If both teams are in disagreement with the supervisor's ruling and in agreement with each other, they can override the supervisor's decision, in favor for their agreed upon ruling.
  • It is recommended that you bring your own controller for use in the tournament. Otherwise you are subject to use whatever is given to you and we are not responsible for any controller sticking or glitches. However if you bring your own, it must be an original.
  • Any action on the part of a participating player causing the Nintendo Entertainment System to reset during game play shall Result in a forfeit of that game by offending participant.
  • A one game forfeit penalty shall apply for every full 10 minute period a participant is late for his match, as the tournament schedule is tight.
  • Any and all disputes arising from these rules or lack thereof will be settled solely by the commissioner of the tournament. The commissioner of the tournament intents to be as fair as possible in these and all matters relating to the OH National RBI tournament.
  • Please feel free to contact the commissioner of the tournament at rbitourney@gmail.com if you have any questions about the tournament or its rules.
  • Tournament commissioner reserves the right to add/delete to these rules as necessary. Please understand that the tournament commissioner intends to uphold this provision only in such a manner to better the OH National RBI Tournament!